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Belgium: Rules for Sellers Using Amazon Warehouses

Amazon has announced about the opening of a new warehouse in Belgium for sellers using the pan-European FBA program. Amazon aims to improve its logistical infrastructure in Europe with the new facility.

The Vatabout wants to remind FBA sellers that using the newly opened warehouse and the distribution center for storing their goods will make them liable for registering for VAT in Belgium.

The Belgian VAT registration requirement is based on the definition, which states that when goods part the Amazon‘s FBA are moved within Europe, the ownership remains with the seller, whose sales Amazon facilitates. The movement of goods across Amazon‘s warehouses in Europe is considered intra-Community supplies and acquisitions that must be reported in all countries involved in the transactions.

Based on this explanation, the seller is required to register for VAT when storing goods in European countries. This is important because other transactions, such as domestic B2B or B2C supplies, are normally made when goods are stored in warehouses.

It is important to keep in mind that non-EU companies must have a fiscal representative to register for VAT.

If you need more information about European VAT registration for online sellers and other companies, contact our experts at Vatabout. We are always ahead of the curve when it comes to taxation in the continent and are always happy to consult.


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