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VAT Registration

Online sellers operating in Europe need to be VAT compliant and collect for their sales. Storing the goods in various European countries requires VAT registered in each country from where the goods are fulfilled. As an example, all Amazon FBA merchants have the liability to be registered for the VAT purposes in all the countries where they allow Amazon to store the goods.
Vatabout would help you identify your duties and manage your VAT registration requirements.

VAT Compliance and Filing

Beyond your registrations, you also need to navigate the local reporting requirements to stay compliant across all your markets. And this matters since your business can be suspended if your filing is due or not VAT registered at all. Amazon has a very strict policy for their merchants to be compliant, and if they fail to, the seller's Amazon account might be suspended.

Filing your VAT returns in all the countries requires dealing with each country's tax department individually in the local language. Besides that, each country has different requirements and deadlines. Avoid a headache, and Vatabout will handle all of that for you.

Why Vatabout is better?

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