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European VAT Compliance pricing

  • VAT compliance

    Every month
    For customers signed during the Summer 2022 promotion
  • OSS Reports

    Every month
    OSS calculation
  • VAT Returns

    Every month
    Per country
  • VAT Registration

    Per country

Provided pricing for the services applies only to the following countries' VAT compliance: Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria and Sweden. 

For non-European companies in some countries (such as Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Poland and Austria) would need the fiscal representation due to the liability reasons in those countries. Therefore, additional costs may be applicable for non-European companies. Please get in touch with us regarding the fiscal representation requirements and additional fees.

The costs of document translations and notarization are not included in the price.

VATAbout does not provide VAT registration and compliance services in the company's country of establishment. For Example, we do not do VAT registration and VAT compliance filings in France for a French-based company. In the country of establishment, we can only provide OSS calculations.

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